David writes:

We received this junk fax at work on Wednesday. A co-worker faxed it back after scrawling on it “You might do more gooder if you followed the rules of grammar and punctuation and succeed in your little scam. Please.”

Nachos… Nacho’s?

Christine writes:

I found this lovely menu at a restaurant in the Denver airport while delayed for 4 hours on my way to Las Vegas. While laughing at the management’s inability to use an apostrophe correctly, my friend and I ran up a $115 bar tab and the server cut us off after 4 rounds of drinks. Maybe if we had some more chicken nacho’s they would have kept serving us.

Oh, the irony!

Kevin describes his amazing find:

Found this at a Goodwill store in South Miami. The irony seems too good to be true. Serena is giving Michael a copy of Strunk and White’s Elements of Style for “literary wisdom.” But she has failed in her own proper usage of “your” and “youre.” And even more, while using the contraction form of “you are,” she’s left out the apostrophe. Academic success indeed.

Abuse at Michigan State

Ainsley writes:

I came across this sad attempt at a bulletin board in my dorm bathroom earlier this week, supposedly aiming to educate us about fun locations to visit around campus (note the map and poorly-drawn arrows.) The girls in my hall have been secretly complaining about this for days. This is just so wrong. I’m just glad she didn’t continue and violate “artists,” “dates,” and “times.”