Egg’s and Tomatoe’s

At a cafe called Circle 8 around the corner from where I live in Newtown, Sydney Australia.

What possesses them to think that ‘eggs’ needs an apostrophe I wonder? And why no apostrophe in ‘mushrooms’, then?

(Thanks, Peter!)

Mind Your Ps And Qs Or Your P’s And Q’s?

I hope you can settle this dispute. I teach high school and the cheerleaders painted a banner for the hallway. It reads, ‘Lady Q’s drown the opposition.’ ‘Q’ is short for Quarriers; the town is known for its quartzite quarry. I maintain that there should not be an apostrophe after ‘Q.’ After some research online, in the school library and a couple of textbooks, we were unable to come up with a conclusive answer. Can you resolve this?