How did this start?

ApostropheAbuse.com (formerly apostrophe-abuse.blogspot.com), started in 2005, when I saw a particularly vulgar example of apostrophe misuse on a telephone booth in Santa Cruz, CA.  The graffiti struck me as so absurd I decided to create a blogspot site to feature the item.  After that point, apostrophe abuse from around my home in Seattle stuck out like a sore thumb, and I started posting on a regular basis.  Soon enough, I started getting submissions from others, and the site evolved from there.

How do I submit a photo to the site?

There are two ways to get a photo to me. The first is by using the handy-dandy form located at the top of the page. Submissions sent in this way tend to get reviewed and posted faster. If for some reason the form doesn’t work for you, feel free to send it to apostrophe.abuse at gmail dot com.

Why hasn’t my submission appeared?

One of two reasons — first, I may just be behind.  I get many submissions, and at one point had a backlog of well over 200 images to review.  This is simply a hobby, and so sometimes I just get backed up.  Second, I rarely post screen captures of emails or websites unless they are particulary aggregious or, in my opinion, hilarious.  I’m more interested in printed material, neon signs, store names, etc.  Signs intended to be permanent, or located in settings where poor grammar just makes that particular business look like it doesn’t care.  Emails and IMs are so informal that I feel the mistakes lack the punch of other mediums.

Legal *

By submitting to Apostrophe Abuse, you grant Chris Duval the non-exclusive right to publish your photo on the blog or in any other publication, commercial or otherwise, without compensation. Unless you explicitly state otherwise, your submission implies that the photo is yours, and that you are qualified to give this permission. You take responsibility for any laws broken in the act of taking the submitted photograph or publishing it. Chris Duval is not responsible for any payment or liability.  Basically, by submitting a photo, you grant me permission to publish the photo here on Apostrophe Abuse and anywhere else, even if it means I will profit from it. You also retain the same rights to republish your own photos wherever you want.
* Text heavily copied and adapted from the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks.
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