It’s Nose-Is-Running!

Seabrooke writes:

I came down with a cold this week, and in doing some research on just what the rate of sinus mucus production really is (’cause it seems to my poor nose like a quart a day), I stumbled across this seasonally-appropriate cartoon. Unless “Nose-Is-Running” is a new Native American-style name for the latest flu virus (probably the one I’ve caught!)…

Taco’s in San Antonio

Both of these are from Jeffrey in San Antonio:

First up… Breakfast Taco’s!

Fairly new restaurant trying to attract new customers. Haven’t tried the food, but I may visit to see if there are other apostrophes floating around.

Next, the oft-debated “apostrophe after a plural number”…

Found this at a San Antonio Taco Bell. It is some contest where customers call a phone number to answer some survey questions, rating the “restaurant” from 1 to 7. If I called, it would get a 5.