Is this strip joint code language?

Misused apostrophes involving plurals, contractions, and possessives are commonplace and annoying, to be sure, and yet it’s usually not hard to understand how the confusion arises. The author’s intent in this case utterly baffles me. This is a hand-painted advertisement on the side of a building in El Paso, Texas, and the apostrophe is carefully painted with the same red with yellow highlights as the rest of the letters. Is “doo’r” a familiar term for those of you who frequent this sort of establishment? My wife says that it’s obviously a contraction for “do ‘er”, and she may be right. Given the context, though, I’m not sure about that. I’m also not an expert in this sort of thing. Best regards to all you other language purists out there…

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Multilingual Abuse

This is a street sign in El Rancho New Mexico. As I recall from my high school profesora, Spanish can only make the possessive through the … de los … construction, and the plural with an -s. Here we see either redundant possession, “Roybal’s’s street”, or leakage of the habit of using an apostrophe-s to make a plural into Spanish.

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