Subterfuge at Scoop’s

KaySquirrel writes:

Spotted this bit of apostrophe abuse during our recent trip down to York, UK.

That’s my husband’s shoulder you can see on the right, there. I asked him to pose while I pretended to take his picture. I didn’t want the folks running the ice cream stand to suspect that I was snagging a pic of their sign so that I could then go and make fun of it on the intertubes. 😉

Of course, the sign could be correct if that was Mrs. Scoop behind the counter. But then, why would the other signs just read “Scoops”?

For £1 more could we get the apostrophes?

A case of apostrophe neglect, sent in by Rachel…

Thought you should all be appalled by the poor grammar used by this exclusive English ceramics company. We’ve previously noticed worse offences by them (Butter Finger’s was one!) but they seem to have had some input from a grammarian – these obviously slipped through the net… To be the proud owner of these four clangers you’d have to fork out a grand total of £74!