Christmas Flyer Abuse

This is from first-time submitter Greg, who writes:

This flyer for Canadian electronics retailer Visions … was just too good (i.e. bad) to ignore. By my count, there’s an IDEA’S, a T’WAS, some CD’S and DVD’S, and even a THRU’!

(Note: Stay tuned for more dated submissions as I work through my backlog.)

What the ‘Hill is that an abbreviation of?

Alden writes:

I saw this bumper sticker on a driving north on Georgia 400 today, and the first thing I did when I got home was locate it online and take a screen capture so I could share the hill-arity (sorry) with others. This site obviously believes in neither partisanship nor grammar!


Are they saying they want it to feel colder than it is in 2008? Or that they want more homes for ants? I don’t get it. And shouldn’t there be a sticker for Hillary Clinton?

Favres’ On Fire

Courtenay writes:

I just took this photo of my TV. Any self-respecting Packer fan knows his name is Brett Favre, and so if he is, in fact, on fire, the apostrophe goes before the S. Grrrr. Or maybe, the Favre family owns something called an “on fire”.

Bike Light Packaging Heavy on Abuse

Ken writes:

Our neighborhood police department was handing out these bike lights. I counted six abuses and one typo as well as several questionable capitalizations. It appears that the copy editor gradually went insane. I also wonder about the thought process of deciding that “jogger’s,” “skier’s,” and “kid’s” deserve apostrophes but cyclists and hikers don’t.