13 thoughts on “From the Irony Files: Joey Vento Say’s…

  1. Oh dear … I think this is my new favorite.

    And tell me that it doesn’t say “its” America? … Please tell me it doesn’t say that? It’s hard to read, so maybe I’m wrong …

    Friends don’t let friends commit to expensive signs without proofreading …

  2. it’s hilarious that someone who’s name is joey VENTO insists immigrants speak english. im no scholar but im pretty sure VENTO is not an english name

  3. I have to admit the grammar is appalling, but I do agree with his sentiment even if the execution sucks. And regardless if his heritage is Italian or not, he doesn't run around waving the Italian flag – he loves the Stars and Stripes.

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  5. Joey Vento is an American and a hero in my mind, if people can't comprehend why he wants his customers to speak English, then those comaplaining are stupid. No doubt.

  6. The blog is "apostrophe abuse" – they are mocking the fact that it appears his sign says "say's" instead of says … poor English grammar, while it's requesting that people speak English. 🙂

  7. Please don’t get worked up, guys! Yes, if the guy feels that strongly that others speak English, he should likely get better at it himself. His intentions are good, but he needs to work on his English a little bit harder.
    Sadly, I’ve seen way too many of these… political signs can be extremely sad/funny… People who feel strongly about something and can’t express it properly.
    Just laugh.

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