No wonder the Rose’s are so cheap…

I’ve driven past this sign on the Long Island Expressway’s service road in Queens for years now and the only change has been the cost. There are at least three awesome things about the sign:

1) The unnecessary apostrophe in “Rose’s”
2) The missing apostrophe in the contraction of “we are” changing it to the past tense state-of-being verb “were”
3) The hilarity of the sign even if it was grammatically correct

photo.JPG (476 KB)

Old Navy strikes again

I did a quick seartch of your site to make sure I wasn’t submitting a duplicate, and WOW: Old Navy *really* needs to hire a decent proofreader, don’t they? Is any other major retailer as well-represented on your site? Sheesh.

I found this abomination while shopping for baby clothes this morning.

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