Does it ever end?

Laurie writes:

I found this little gem on the front door of a Stuart’s store in Athens, NY. If you’re wondering what the sign is referring to, they were having a big half galllon ice cream sale or something starting in a couple of days. This exhibit of abuse made me shudder and I had to pause to grab a picture of it. My cousins, who live up there and are culprits of apostrophe abuse themselves at times, didn’t really see what the big deal was.

Stoves & Spa’s

Stephanie sent in a photo of this storefront in Puyallup, WA:

This has been driving me crazy the entire year we’ve lived here. What kills me is that it’s punctuated wrong on the big neon sign, but punctuated correctly in several other locations on the storefront, one of which I couldn’t even get in the shot. So why do it wrong on the BIGGEST and BOLDEST advertisement for your store?? Unless they only realized it once it was too late…