Banana’s at Trader Joe’s?

At first, I was wondering if this was just an ironic placement of a cute banana drawing, or if it was actually apostrophe abuse, but the more I looked at the sign the more convinced I was that I have come across yet another apostrophe-illiterate person! I just expected MORE of Trader Joe’s . . .

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AA: You could also call them on the price — as listed (.19 cents), one could purchase 10 bananas for two pennies.


Taken at the local Walgreens in Westminster, Colorado. I saw this banner and was standing looking at it for a while, until one of the clerks asked if she could help me. I told her it looked like there were two spelling mistakes in the banner, so she brought over her manager and I explained that there is no apostrophe needed in either word. They said that no one had ever caught that before. I felt shallow and pedantic (Peter Griffin).

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