its coming

Anna writes:

I saw this in a building at Mississippi State on my way to class. It made me giggle so much I had to stop and take a picture. I still have no idea what it was supposed to be advertising.

Love, love, love the note.

Philadelphia Style Hoagie’s

Anonymous writes:

The Hoagie Hut is a little restaurant in Malletts Bay in Colchester, VT (I do not know the origin of the name, but there is no apostrophe at all in Malletts). I had to snap this quickly, as the owners are known for their…opinionated nature and I am sure it would be their opinion that no one should be taking a photo of their storefront.

Adelaide Internet Caf’e

Adam writes:

In Newcastle upon Tyne UK there’s a particularly egregious example of apostrophe abuse that I’ve been meaning to capture on camera for some time. Unfortunately, it’s in a rather unsavoury part of the city and not somewhere it’s particularly advisable to start waving a digital camera around (especially if it entails explaining why you’re taking a photo of someone’s business).

Rather than taking the picture himself, Adam points us all to the helpful folks at Google Maps, where the sign is visible via Street View:

It appears that the accent mark slid off the E in CAFÉ and ended up as an apostrophe.