Designated Smoking Area’s Only

Ricki writes:

This was taken at Guadalajara mexican restaurant (which is delicious by the way) in The Woodlands, Texas.

So are we to imply that “only” belongs to the “area”?


(photo credit to Jason Neverever)

Perhaps someone should add an extra word or six at the end of the sign:
“…Designated Smoking Area’s Only Ashtray”
“…Designated Smoking Area’s Only Full Service Fajita and Cigar Bar”

Dont-Shoot Kid’s

Chris forwarded this photo from Brice, who noted that

…there are two forms of abuse here… I actually took this picture up in Washington State, way out in the woods. It was kind of eerie, I swear I heard the “Dueling Banjos” song in the background.

I like the drawing in the lower left corner.