Doris writes:

Attached is a photo I took on a Tucson, Arizona street corner. I blocked out the telephone number. Not only do we have problems with an apostrophe but we don’t know how to spell the name of the breed.

Look’s like Clip On’s

Amy in Nashville sent in these two examples of abuse:

The first one we encountered during a local jazz festival in Tennessee. Clip-on glasses are bad enough in general – with the misused apostrophe, they become doubly offensive.

The second is a screen cap from the movie, “The Lives of Others.” 50th refers to a 50th birthday party. This movie won the 2006 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (German). It makes me cry a little inside that an Academy Award-winning movie can’t get an apostrophe right. However, it was a fantastic movie and I highly recommend it despite the apparent grammar-deficiency of the subtitlers.

Erin busts her English teacher

Erin writes in with:

Dear old Mrs. L was upset because everyone was particularly glazed over and spacey that morning. So, as punishment the assignment was to write a paragraph on what we’d like to be doing rather than English in less than two minutes.

The teacher added an apostrophe to “CDs”.

Spurriers a cock??!!

Kimberly writes:

I took this photo with my camera phone at the University of South Carolina vs. University of Georgia football game a couple of weeks ago. The mascot for South Carolina is the Gamecocks….

We lost the game, probably because of poor grammar.

(for those of you wonder who or what “Spurrier” refers to, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Spurrier)