Erin busts her English teacher

Erin writes in with:

Dear old Mrs. L was upset because everyone was particularly glazed over and spacey that morning. So, as punishment the assignment was to write a paragraph on what we’d like to be doing rather than English in less than two minutes.

The teacher added an apostrophe to “CDs”.

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7 thoughts on “Erin busts her English teacher

  1. ‘CD’s’ is the correct plural of CD. I feel like I see this on here all the time but yeah, nothing incorrect here.

    Unless this is now a blog of pictures of correct punctuation? Which actually might be harder to find.

  2. ex: Says who?
    Just because the NYT decides to use an apostrophe in this case doesn’t make it “correct”. It’s not necessary. What exactly is confusing about the following?

    “My CDs are scratched.”


  3. My AP stylebook says proper is CD’s, just like students get A’s and B’s on their exams but wear As and Bs on their T-shirts.

  4. Using the apostrophe in plurals of acronyms or initialisms:

    “The Copyeditor’s Handbook” in Plurals, examples: CDs, HMOs

    “The Associated Press Stylebook 2004” in Plurals, multiple letters no apostrophe. Example: VIPs. Single letters use an apostrophe. Example: A’s

    “Handbook of Technical Writing Third Edition” says “Form the plural of an acronym or initialism by adding an s. Do not add an apostrophe.” Example: CRTs

    “Harbrace College Handbook” 15c The Apostrophe says to use EITHER ‘s or s. Example: VFW’s or VFWs.

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