Old Navy strikes again

I did a quick seartch of your site to make sure I wasn’t submitting a duplicate, and WOW: Old Navy *really* needs to hire a decent proofreader, don’t they? Is any other major retailer as well-represented on your site? Sheesh.

I found this abomination while shopping for baby clothes this morning.

BFFs.JPG (72 KB)

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5 thoughts on “Old Navy strikes again

  1. I’m still trying to figure out what this should be: BFFs? It’s also possible the apostrophe is correct in this case, just as it’s correct to use an apostrophe to denote the plural of a letter, like A’s.

  2. I agree with Laura that it’s a confusing example. Best Friends Forever abbreviated would be BFF, but I can understand the desire to pluralize it, in which case it would be BFF’s. The uppercase letters must make it seem incorrect to some.

  3. Laura, are you serious? You would never use an apostrophe on a plural. Maybe we need an an exam before you are allowed to use this website

  4. In no case would it be BFF’s. I understand pluralizing the acronym makes no sense in the first place, but to add insult to grammatical injury would be to excuse ANY use of an apostrophe unless showing ownership. Laura and Natalie, you may be on the wrong website =)

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