Banana’s at Trader Joe’s?

At first, I was wondering if this was just an ironic placement of a cute banana drawing, or if it was actually apostrophe abuse, but the more I looked at the sign the more convinced I was that I have come across yet another apostrophe-illiterate person! I just expected MORE of Trader Joe’s . . .

bananas.jpg (135 KB)


AA: You could also call them on the price — as listed (.19 cents), one could purchase 10 bananas for two pennies.

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2 thoughts on “Banana’s at Trader Joe’s?

  1. Really, you expect more from a grocery store? I work with senior managers at a Fortune 50 company, and VERY FEW of them know the apostrophe’s (yes, correct here) purpose, much less know how to spell. Sickening to me that they paid well to make decisions…

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