Thorn’s have rose’s

Danielle writes:

This lovely tattoo belongs to a friend of a friend. “Thorn’s have rose’s”. No one noticed it before I pointed it out! This tattoo infuriates me beyond belief. How could you get something permanently written on your body without making sure it was spelled correctly first? It kills me. The girl still doesn’t know that it’s spelled wrong.

She may now!

Please Use the Hand Dryer’s

Rob, near Manchester, England, writes that someone had already attempted to correct this sign

…by sticking a bit of paper over the offending apostrophe; unfortunately it just drew attention to it.

Also, the name of the store is at the top of the sign is Booth’s, but the sign over the front door says “BOOTHS”.

Once you spot one, you spot more … inside the attached cafe, we had both “baked potato’s” and “baked potatoe’s”, “sachet’s of sauce”, “customer’s beware of fan” and several more spelling mistakes.

Presumably the same person does all the signs.

If you we’re a really good Customer!

Dennis writes:

I saw this sign in Waldo’s Barbecue in Gilbert, Arizona. Waldo’s has signs all over the restaurant that include quips and insults, part of the restaurant’s atmosphere.

The poor sentence: it had a rough start with multiple subjects, and it isn’t redeemed by excessive punctuation.

(Sorry that the photo quality isn’t a little better. There’s sawdust on the floor that conveniently reduces friction and made me apprehensive about getting up to take a photo.)

Corrective Canadians: Large Feild Tomato’s

Lauren writes:

This orthographic disgrace happened in the fall in Winnipeg, Canada. After talking with employees at this Italian food mart who assured me the sign would get changed since “feild tomato’s” don’t exist, I was reassured. Days later, the sign still stood. Some friends decided to don the masks of “grammar police” and fix these terrible mistakes. Look closely – our new letters are made from a cereal box.