A 12-Step Program for Apostrophe Abusers

Lauren, a copywriter from Vancouver, sent in a proposal for a 12-step program for apostrophe abusers:

12-step programme: stop killing the apostrophe
A frantic, last-ditch attempt to right the world’s worst grammatical ill with enforced therapy.

She even created an instructional cartoon, à la Bob the Angry Flower:

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6 thoughts on “A 12-Step Program for Apostrophe Abusers

  1. I am so posting that all over my office…and passing it out as flyers…and mailing it (anonymously of course) to all the businesses in the area…

  2. This reminds me of a pet peeve that I saw today on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air: when you want to show possession and the person’s last name ends in S, the apostrophe goes AFTER the S. For example, it’s “Ashley Banks’ (or Banks’s),” not “Ashley Bank’s.”

  3. I do very much like this sign. However, I was taught the numbers and abbreviations such as CD’s required an apostrophe. Now I have to ask my English teacher.

  4. And please don't forget that
    who's is a contraction of who is
    whose is a possessive (showing ownership)
    it's is contraction of it is
    its is a possessive (showing ownership)

  5. Please don’t forget one other VERY important “don’t”: Personal pronouns, such as its, hers, yours, and theirs DO NOT take an apostrophe. “It’s” means only “It is.”

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