Who is 2001 book…

Deb writes:

This is really more of a typo than an instance of apostrophe abuse, but I think you’ll like it anyway. This is from a rerun of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” on GSN. You’d think that the show’s editors would have caught such an egregious error, but you’d think wrong.

Beware of Dog’s

Vanessa writes:

Beware of dog’s what? Bark? Bite? Breath? I found this walking around the richest & most influential neighborhood in Manila. I know that English isn’t the first language here in the Philippines, but what most people lack in fluency they usually make up for with their knowledge of proper grammar and punctuation.

We’ve seen dog’s like this before…

Hells Belle’s

Anonymous writes:

I found this on a friend’s myspace page. (So I’d prefer you don’t credit me with sending in the picture.) I had to laugh because not only is there a random unnecessary apostrophe in “belle’s” but the apostrophe that SHOULD be in “hells” is missing. I don’t think it was done to be funny… these women are both really just that dumb.


Anonymous sent me this in September… I’m slowing slowly working through the backlog, folks!