Uncle Giuseppes’ Marketplace

Zach sent in this photo he snapped in Smithtown, NY:

There is only one Uncle Giuseppe. There is also a sign on the building that doesn’t contain any apostrophes at all.

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6 thoughts on “Uncle Giuseppes’ Marketplace

  1. That’s actually correct, you can use an apostrophe on the end of a word that ends in an S to show ownership. It’s pronounced the same.
    Mr. Lays’s
    Mr. Lays’
    are both correct

  2. Dear Swataz,
    One should not throw stones in glass houses. Since is not spelled “simce.” Not using spell check is a pet peeve of mine.

  3. Why would you waste your time blogging about an apostrophe on a sign?? The store has the most amazing shopping experience on Long Island.. there food is great!

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