Grandma’s & Grandpa’s Wanted in Kent, WA

Wesley spotted this sign in front of an assisted-living facility in Kent, Washington:

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7 thoughts on “Grandma’s & Grandpa’s Wanted in Kent, WA

  1. I LOVE this blog! 😀
    Improper apostrophe use…and abuse is maddening to me!

    I cringe when I see a business sign with these types of errors! It amazes me that neither the sign-maker nor the business owner noticed the error! Are there that many clueless people in this world? LOL

  2. I can only echo the joy and relief of others to have found such a blog as this exists with like-minded people who loathe apostrophe mishandling, among other such egregious errors.

    (My wife saw this blog mentioned in Ready Made Magazine, by the way — and knew I’d care.)

    Today, a headline in the New York Times: “Fans of L.E.D.’s Say This Bulb’s Time Has Come”

    I’ve bookmarked this blog as a safe-haven where I know I’m among friends. 🙂


  3. At first I thought you were complaining about the accent on Áegis, until I got to the bottom line.

    The apostrophed version almost makes sense, though – “Grandma and Grandpa are wanted!”. Clearly, Grandma and Grandpa are elderly bank robbers hitting institutions around the Kent, WA area.

  4. After submitting this photo, I sent a message to the marketing director of the facility, telling her that the Aegis Inn was now famous around the world. I included the URL in the message. I never received a response, but within a week, the apostrophes had been painted over.

  5. I fear this might be some sort of Arsenic and Old Lace type of ploy to lure elderly victims into their den of murder and mayhem….

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