Christmas Flyer Abuse

This is from first-time submitter Greg, who writes:

This flyer for Canadian electronics retailer Visions … was just too good (i.e. bad) to ignore. By my count, there’s an IDEA’S, a T’WAS, some CD’S and DVD’S, and even a THRU’!

(Note: Stay tuned for more dated submissions as I work through my backlog.)

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Flyer Abuse

  1. This one makes my brain hurt. Amidst all the madness, I think the most deplorable offense is thru’.
    I mean, really, what is this?!
    I cry a little bit reading things like this.

  2. To be fair, “CD’s” and “DVD’s” are acceptable, since the apostrophe serves the same function it does in contractions. The rest, though…good lord.

  3. There’s an apostrophe, but they have it on the wrong side.

    ’twas is correct.

    I’m also a fan of the old-school spelling of Hallowe’en, which would probably rankle a few.

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