B&B Abuse makes for a distracting vacation

Sara writes:

My husband took me to a quaint bed and breakfast in Michigan, but it was hard to relax because I was so distracted by all the apostrophe abuse!!

The next visitor should bring some wood filler and fix those mistakes!

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6 thoughts on “B&B Abuse makes for a distracting vacation

  1. Tell me that second sign does not say “light’s ou’t.” Light’s is bad enough, but ou’t? I think maybe it’s just a knot in the wood or something… Here’s hoping.

  2. Thank you for this site! I thought I was the only one bothered by apostrophe abuse. It seems to have exploded in the last few years. What’s going on?

    Is there a website for “your” and “you’re?” I’m about to lose it over that one.

  3. The mistakes are not carved in stone, but carved in wood is bad enough.

    Maybe ou’t signifies pronouncing the word with at Canadian accent(tee-hee).

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