Hometown Hero’s

David sent this photo he snapped at a bank (in New Castle, IN) that:

…had this sign posted for what is a good cause – preparing care packages for our soldiers overseas. However, the glaring abuse of the apostrophe was too much for me not to share. They actually had signs posted at each teller window; this was the most out-of-the-way sign in the bank for me to get a picture of.

Does anyone want to claim they were using the apostrophe to show the omission of the “e”? 😉

Does it ever end?

Laurie writes:

I found this little gem on the front door of a Stuart’s store in Athens, NY. If you’re wondering what the sign is referring to, they were having a big half galllon ice cream sale or something starting in a couple of days. This exhibit of abuse made me shudder and I had to pause to grab a picture of it. My cousins, who live up there and are culprits of apostrophe abuse themselves at times, didn’t really see what the big deal was.

Apostrophe Neglect: Charles’? Charles’s?

Emily writes:

The CBC Radio 2 blog talks about a new radio show hosted by Gregory Charles. Maybe in this post, the blog writer got confused about whether he should’ve written “Gregory Charles’ new show” or “Gregory Charles’s new show”, so he tried to solve that problem by simply omitting the apostrophe altogether.
Also in this entry, the blog author has spelled the word “feuilles” correctly on his first try but not his second try.

Yes, but which one?

Emily in Montreal writes:

On news.yahoo.ca today, I was horrified to see the headline, “Survey finds Albertan’s unhappy despite province’s wealth.” I guess that this headline was supposed to mean that many Albertans are unhappy. But I guess the headline would be correct if only one Albertan was unhappy (meaning, “Survey finds Albertan is unhappy”.)