Enoki Mushroom’s

Spotted this abuse on a package of Ostrom Farms mushrooms. I’m not quite sure why they decided to use an apostrophe in the description text but not just above on the label.

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10 thoughts on “Enoki Mushroom’s

  1. That’s what I was thinking, it seems like apostophe misplacement rather than outright abuse. I think it should have been mushrooms’.

  2. I agree with the last two posts–the apostrophe is just misplaced. And since it’s the products name (and for the sake of consistency), the ‘m’ in mushrooms’ should be capitalized.

  3. Actually, there is nothing wrong at all with this sentence. And the fact that it isn’t in the above text is also accurate. As it was said; the texture belongs to the mushrooms and in the above text, “Enoki Mushrooms” is the name of them, and therefor doesn’t need an apostrophe.

  4. No one has said that the “Enoki Mushrooms” at the top needs an apostrophe. It doesn’t.

    But in the descriptive text, “Enoki Mushroom’s” is singular (one mushroom, or one type of mushroom), while “makes them” is plural. It should be Enoki Mushrooms’.

    Alternatively, you could write “The Enoki Mushroom’s [flavor and texture] makes it..”

  5. As an English teacher (and generally assumed grammar expert), I have two points:
    1. It should be Mushrooms’.
    2. It should be “crisp, crunchy.”

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