No Photo’s in the Massachusetts House of Representatives

Well, except this one, courtesy of Mike:

This photo attached is courtesy of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Up in the gallery of the House chamber is this sign…Sorry I couldn’t get a better angle, but if you look closely, that isn’t a stray mark between the o and s in photo’s on the sign.

Also, that should be “any time” (two words).

We Support The Library’s

Rick writes:

Imagine my shock and dismay to see a new banner in front of the downtown office of the Cass County Bank the other day:

We Support The Library’s

The sign indicates support of the library’s what? Perhaps the sign should have said the library (there is only one in town)? Or it indicated support of all libraries, as this is a national effort to address our national literacy crisis? The misplaced apostrophe caused some amusement at first, then consternation as I looked to see who was responsible. NEA? IMLS? Arts Midwest? Sheesh!

Grocery Store Abuse

Jan writes:

Grocery stores seem to have the most egregious apostrophe abuses. There have been many I’ve missed because I didn’t have my camera on me, but these two… oy. “Greek Cheese’s” is pretty normal, but “Chicken Cordon Blue’s” took the cake for me.