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Is America Losing Its Way

A tweet by Donald Trump. It’s difficult, even for high IQ graduates of Wharton School of Finance, to use “its” and “it’s” properly.

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(Thanks, Denise!)

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Which one is it? Or it’s?

This is in every Bandanas restaurant in the country.

bandana.JPG (57 KB)

(Thanks, Tom Guelker!)

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The great Irish education system

This sign is outside a school in County Roscommon, Ireland.

IMG_20160528_122415.jpg (195 KB)

(Thanks, Diane!)

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Iv’e Seen This in Florida

This was an ornament I recently saw at a gift shop in Myakka River State Park, in Florida.

sunshine.jpg (72 KB)

(Thanks, NorthWind!)

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Cheffin’s Effin’ Apostrophe Problem

Thi’s food truck’s menu also include’s many inconsistencie’s with regard’s to a certain punctuation mar’k.

IMG_1064.jpg (1 MB)

(Thanks, MattDuffy!)

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Amazon abuse

Got a notification on my phone “Like your mystery novel’s dark?”


Screenshot_20160709-081750.png (242 KB)

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Dono’t Open

Schrodinger’s contraction.

donot.jpg (505 KB)

(Thanks, Peter Hirschberg!)

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Lotawatta Creek

Found on their menu

IMG_4380.JPG (807 KB)

(Thanks, Tom Guelker!)

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This perpetuates the mistake

Spied at Office Max. When people see this and aren’t sure whether the apostrophe belongs there or not, this makes them think it does belong there.

IMG_4979.JPG (664 KB)

(Thanks, Tom Guelker!)

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The Clinton’s what?

Another reason I just can’t take Fox news seriously…

IMG_6863.PNG (487 KB)

(Thanks, Staci Gieber!)

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