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For the smaller appetite’s

I do love the food in this place, but every time I eat there I always have to fight the urge to point out the glaring mistake on the children’s menu.  I just don’t have the heart to tell them that they need to reprint every menu.

rylesarms.jpg (130 KB)

(Thanks, Dave Torrence!)

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Recyclable Material’s!

This truck is owned by a guy named Recyclable Material, and he doesn’t want anyone else to drive it.

Apostrophe.jpg (342 KB)

(Thanks, Spencer Thompson!)

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Lovely sentiment but…

… completely ruined by the disrespectful use of apostrophe. Just because ‘Father’s Day’ has an apostrophe in it doesn’t mean you have to stick them in any old place.

apostrophe2.jpg (49 KB)

(Thanks, VickyN!)

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Check out it’s abuse; brought to you by Bic!

Spotted at Bic’s Universal Typeface Experiment:


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Made with banana’s!

At the Westin in Boston

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Hope spring’s eternal

On my neighbour’s house.

hope.jpg (470 KB)

(Thanks, Vanya!)

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El Vino welcome’s you too…

Snapped in the City of London. I’ve never seen this peculiar apostrophe placement before and the supernumerary ‘O’ is puzzling.

Grammarb.jpg (725 KB)

(Thanks, Tristan Oliver!)

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Australia’s biggest book seller gets it wrong.

Dymocks is a National chain of book stores, with more than 70 stores locally, and more offshore.
I hope this abuse hasn’t been perpetrated across all the shelves in all the stores!

Dymocks.JPG (100 KB)

(Thanks, David!)

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The Apostrophe Strike’s Back

In December 2012 the top photo was posted on this site. Maybe it had some effect on management because about two months later the sign was replaced with one, sans apostrophe [center]. Probably some eagle-eyed apartment dweller mentioned it to management.
This year a new batch of more colorful signs were displayed. [below]

petswelcometrifecta.jpg (673 KB)

(Thanks, james!)

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One of them has to be right

If in doubt try with and without.

ap.jpg (116 KB)

(Thanks, Nick!)

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