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Even on a UK Government website!

FAQ’s is common – and unnecessary. What’s wrong with just FAQ? Now the ‘s has contaminated the full phrase!

Visa4UK - FAQ's Firefox, Today at 12.00.42.png (67 KB)

(Thanks, PhilB!)

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When did Turkey get his own phone number?

Had to pull over and circle back to get a photo of this abuse.

IMAG0050.jpg (88 KB)

(Thanks, Scott Browne!)

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You can’t have it both ways

I always find it hilarious when someone inconsistently applies an apostrophe. Take this sign from Bearskin Neck in Rockport, Massachusetts, for example. Why did the sign maker add an apostrophe and an S to “salad” and “gyro” but not “burgers” and “corn dogs”?

Estabrooks12-27-14.jpg (96 KB)

(Thanks, Jennifer Estabrooks!)

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A Magical Gift-Machine, Perhaps?

Something that Santa owns gives out gifts to good girls and boys. This is on a convenience store in Savannah, GA.

IMG_0418.JPG (1 MB)

(Thanks, Alice!)

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Your/You’re Confusion: Smile!

“Professional” sticker on shop window at local shops January 2015.

Your on camera.jpg (146 KB)

(Thanks, Tim Jensen!)

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Psychic Visions

One line: two errors

The abused hyphen between “walk” and “in’s” functions neither as a hyphen nor a dash. It’s more like a “limbo hyphen.”

Meanwhile, the apostrophe simply feels like the Psy Chic is simply piling on.

Location: New York City, Dec. 2014

Psychic typos.jpg (221 KB)

(Thanks, Jim V!)

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Member’s Get An Extra Apostrophe

This was their recent flyer near the register.

harborfreight.jpg (97 KB)

(Thanks, NorthWind!)

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Nacho’s what?

WetlandsFood.jpg (116 KB)

(Thanks, NorthWind!)

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It’s two for one at Burger King!

I found this at a Burger King in Minnesota in 2013. First I thought I’d captured ONE mistake. I could hardly believe it when I found the SECOND.

Merry Christma’s!

297692_10151150220204071_511058850_n.jpg (44 KB)

(Thanks, Heidi Armstrong!)

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Loser’s Sometimes Win

(Thanks, Lydia!)

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