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Oh, this gave me chills, all right…

As it appeared on the <> site.

(Thanks, Dave!)

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David’s Sport’s Card’s

(Thanks, Paul!)

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Toilet’s Toilets

Sign on entrance to toilets at a branch of Burger King, Dublin, Ireland.

20150803_162207.jpg (940 KB)

(Thanks, Helen Spencer!)

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A shop in the South of France!

Spotted on a shop in the South of France

IMG_0037.JPG (1 MB)

(Thanks, Isobel McCall!)

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Apostrophes because they’re worth it…

Looking online for some supplements today. I don’t know if their product is any good. But their spelling skills certainly don’t inspire confidence.

81ToCwtCj8L._SY679_.jpg (38 KB)

(Thanks, Susan!)

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A Food Stand Owned by a Man Named “Ketchup?”

See in Ottawa, Ontario in July.

o_-hBC6NZ0v1XzPyZOO0K_5nkeMYySHhwGw_oTCcXLI.jpg (466 KB)

(Thanks, David Eck!)

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Sorry, we”r closed…

…but not sorry about our appalling punctuation.

Foreign exchange office in Westfield Mall, Hornsby New South Wales (a suburb of Sydney, Australia)

We''r Closed.jpg (1 MB)

(Thanks, Richard Murnane!)

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Hot Body’s

What??? What do they have???

stupidsign.jpg (28 KB)

(Thanks, Jesse!)

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Go Team!

They are bus drivers not English majors, I guess…

ATT00001.jpg (554 KB)

(Thanks, Craig!)

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Obamas are not possessive

Spotted this on my FaceBook feed. Yay for the first family feeding the homeless! Boo for CNN’s punctuation skills.

Screenshot 2015-11-25 20.04.00.png (242 KB)

(Thanks, Shannon Baley!)

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