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Advice on gift’s

I came across this sign on my local rail network in Liverpool, England, UK, a University town! How ironical! One of my many questions for this sign is why is there no apostrophe in the word “sweets”?


(Thanks, Eve Jane Davies!)

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School is Calling all Dad’s…Calling all Dad’s

Unfortunately, this is from my children’s school. I have offered many times to help write and edit content coming from this school and have been told that my help is not needed (I am a lowly professional technical writer, not an all-knowing academic, so my opinions and offers of help are considered beneath them). Well, now it’s time for a public shaming.

Apostrophe abuse email.jpg (133 KB)

(Thanks, Audra!)

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Each apostrophe abused cost’s readers hours of anguish…

I’m glad I wasn’t driving behind this bus.

10754825_10153292122928747_285360010_n.jpg (74 KB)

(Thanks, Mikey!)

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Changing the way American’s use the apostrophe

Well, they did also misuse the numeral 2…

simple2grammar.png (91 KB)

(Thanks, Tucker Latham!)

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This sign is the only Thank You these employees get.

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Come on, EA

I wish I could pop that apostrophe by lining other apostrophes around it in a row.

iiiiits.PNG (343 KB)

(Thanks, theFIZZYnator!)

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New rule – the fourth plural noun gets an apostrophe

I’m sure she had hundreds of these printed.

BadApostrophe_Crystal's Cleanouts.jpg (37 KB)

(Thanks, BrianH!)

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Your Lemonade’s what?

A friend bought some shoes… this would have been enough to prevent me from buying them.

148670_10152604499557174_5696793314460551557_n.jpg (59 KB)

(Thanks, Monkey!)

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Brings tear’s to my eyes

I receive’d this email today.


image.jpg (256 KB)

(Thanks, Chris Walpole!)

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At least be consistent?

Either it’s “its” or it’s “it’s,” guys.

A little consistency along with my delivery?

20140402_122822_resized.jpg (478 KB)

(Thanks, tony b!)

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