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  1. A bit of context:

    The Bakers Oven

    Ingles is a grocery chain in the south, founded by Robert Ingle. In addition to the inexplicable but common choice companies make to not use apostrophes, Ingles seems to have some sort of problem with apostrophes in general. The ‘house brand’ of breads is “The Bakers Oven”. Nope, no apostrophe on Ingles breads. They get a prime location, are branded to Ingles, and they sell quite a few different breads. All breads and all signage omit the apostrophe.

    I made the following inquiry with Ingles:

    What are company policies regarding apostrophe usage? I’m aware that you (along with many other companies) have adopted the usually dubious affectation of not using an apostrophe with the company name. How far does policy extend regarding apostrophes; for example, not using the apostrophe with “The Bakers Oven” breads? Does the company discourage internal/public apostrophe usage of apostrophes in general as a matter of preferred style? I would like to understand why “The Bakers Oven” breads (labeling and signage for all offerings so far as I can tell) do not use an apostrophe. Is this part of a deliberate campaign for differentiation, i.e., is it part of an ongoing, concerted effort to make the company trendy or ‘cool’?

    Link to image of example:


    I received a form response that my inquiry was forwarded to the Sales and Marketing Department. It’s been over a month, so I reckon they don’t want to talk about it. Given my observation of their customer service over the years, that’s about what I expected.

    • You’re looking for problems where there are none. You can understand the intention of the name without the apostrophe, so there is no need to change it. It would cost them unnecessary money and effort to edit all their die templates to satisfy you, you apostrophe-nitpicker.

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