Pretzel’s at Ikea

This is from the Ikea store in South Philadelphia.
I guess the Swedes don't practice the same grammatical rules as we do. I have no choice but to blame the language barrier here.

(Thanks, Jon!)

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2 thoughts on “Pretzel’s at Ikea

  1. You’re right, the rules are different in Swedish. Swedish does not use an apostrophe to indicate possessive. “Daniel’s house” in Swedish would be “Daniels hus”. The funny thing is that, due to the influence that the English language has had, often people do tend to use the apostrophe for possessives anyway (writing e.g. “Daniel’s hus”), even though it is grammatically wrong.

    Plurals in Swedish work completely different, however. They do not end in ‘s’, so with Swedish words there isn’t any potential to add unnecessary apostrophes, really.

    • The rules may be different in Sweden, and this was photographed in South Philadelphia. Surely there should be no excuse in what one imagines is an English-speaking community.

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