5 thoughts on “Verse variation

  1. OK- I am pretty relentless when it comes to pointing out grammar errors, (They don’t call me The Spelling Bitch for nothing,) but…..this is where I draw the line. I am not a fundamentalist Christian or anything like it, but making fun of this sign is like making fun of Grandma Moses or any other folk artist. Can’t do it.

  2. Bethany – I can’t agree that it’s a non-English speaker. There are so many American accents in the South that pronounce “are” as indistinguishable from “or,” that I’ve seen this error made more than once in writing.

  3. In truth, I considered to post or not to post for some time – I used to pass the sign daily. I doubt the person is/was a non-English speaker – based only on the location (though I appreciate the support!). I ended up posting based on the apostrophe use, not the content. I am Christian, and like I said – I doubt God minds…and agree that nothing was lost in the translation :). Admittedly, I wouldn’t post it again as it wasn’t meant to be unkind or disrespectful. It’s out there now though…nothing to be done.

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