Trivial Pursuit gets it wrong

My son-in-law bought a new family edition of this game. It includes two sets of questions, one for each age group. However, it seems as if only one kid, and one adult can play. You’d think a big company like Parker Brothers/Hasbro would get it right, wouldn’t you?

Trivial_Pursuit.JPG (75 KB)

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2 thoughts on “Trivial Pursuit gets it wrong

  1. I’m gonna disagree with this one. There’s no sentence structure here to say otherwise, so the “kid” and “adult” can be singular or nulti-singular, and the apostrophes show possession, not pluralization. It would be weird to have the apostrophe where you want it (on the far edge of the word). Probably a better choice not to have /’s/ to, but it’s just not necessarily wrong.

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