Bad Grammar Tour

It looks like the villains have stolen an “e” and replaced it with an apostrophe! (Spotted Jan. 30, 2012, on I-15 near Salt Lake City.)



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5 thoughts on “Bad Grammar Tour

  1. Who is Hero and why does he have big writing on his truck about his tour across America?

    Maybe it’s a fad. Next we’ll start seeing cars with stuff like this on the side:

    Fred’s Deadly Dull Commute
    Nell’s Trip to the Grocery Store

  2. I wrote to them, politely pointing it out. They wrote back politely,
    “Yes we do and we have the URL as well.

    We chose “Hero’s” because the stories we are recording are each Hero’s own account of there service. The tour is made up of individual Hero’s stories.

    Thanks for contacting us :)”

    “There service”, indeed.

  3. Well, hey, in that case it should be “Heroes’…”!

    But they obviously have no idea about English grammar anyway, so it’s clearly not worth the effort.

  4. It’s thing like this one that really make me shake my head. It’s not so bad when some copywriter screws up a one-time ad in the Sunday paper; hey, maybe the store can even demand a free re-run with a correction. But when somebody pays good money to make a huge sign that is intended to be seen by as many people as possible, and it comes out this way…

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