Preventing Apostrophe Abuse

So this isn’t actually an abuse of apostrophes, but an attempt to teach children right from wrong when it comes to contractions.

A first grade teacher wrote a super cute book called “I Can’t Said the Ant” and it’s now up against non-grammar-related books on MeeGenius. If you guys could throw a few votes her way, it might have a chance of getting published.

Think of the children.

I Can't Said the Ant By Maggie Cary.png (8 KB)

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1 thought on “Preventing Apostrophe Abuse

  1. Sadly, although the book may teach our children about contractions, the artwork on the cover of the book omits the comma (as does the reviewer of the book), and the kids will have to wait for another day to learn how to write a quotation. “I can’t,” said the ant.

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