FIXED! We have Standard’s

(Fixed!) — Within an hour of being posted here @ Apostrophe Abuse, RC has fixed the two errors shown below.

It’s a real shame when people who claim to be communication professionals can’t get it right.

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8 thoughts on “FIXED! We have Standard’s

  1. Hi Grace,
    That is the way it is written on my Incorporation papers. And it has been spelled that way since I was in 7th grade about 6 years ago.

  2. The grammar in the body copy is appalling! ‘…recommended to those that are in a over populated business…’ ? over-populated business…’ would be an improvement. And why do some services get an apostrophe, and not others?

  3. I know this young man and just to let you know he is 16 and runs his own business. Yes he made a few mistakes on his site but corrected them as soon as he was aware. Grace the RCPCS is a trademarked name and is done that way on purpose. I recommend Richard get a life. If he had half the drive of this young man he would be busy doing something productive.

  4. @ #6 – Anonymous: “Hey, cut the kid some slack… he’s what… in high school?” … This is how English is taught in high schools these days. Sad indictment on the education system.

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