Guffaw: ‘blog

On the home page, the heading Blogroll, should be ‘BlogRoll; the word ‘blog is an abbreviation of “weblog” so an apostrophe is needed to indicate the missing letters.

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3 thoughts on “Guffaw: ‘blog

  1. I think I get the joke here, but what’s shown above is a single opening quotation mark, not an apostrophe. An apostrophe in a serif font is shaped like the number 9. The single opening quotation mark is shaped like the number 6. The software one uses is sometimes to blame for this: When the user hits the apostophe key — and the software wants to substitute a curly punctuation mark for a straight “foot symbol” — the software has to decide between an apostrophe and a single opening quotation mark. It assumes that an apostrophe is only found in the middle or at the end of a word and that what comes at the beginning of a word is a quotation mark.

  2. I am laughing so hard I can hardly stand myself! Let us see how how all the grammar police on this sire react to this one! Bet my comment will not even be posted as it seems the people on this site make themselves feel better by tearing down others.

  3. Mike and Paul, you’re about 5 years late. “Blog” is now accepted as a word all by itself. The apostrophe is no longer needed; “blogroll” is correct as written. BTW, “cooperate” no longer needs a hyphen (though I admit I miss it), and the “ue” at the end of “dialogue” is rapidly disappearing. Wave good-bye. Or goodbye. Gotta keep up.

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