Kid’s Who Get Lead Poisoned

A submitter spotted the following errant apostrophe in an advertisement shown during the Judge Mathis show:

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4 thoughts on “Kid’s Who Get Lead Poisoned

  1. Aaarrghgh!! Doesn't it drive you mad! Just found your site. Now I'm hooked! I have a Facebook Page called, '3 years hard labour for the inappropriate use of Like'….. I think you have it there in the US as well as 'over here' (Scotland, UK). It drives me nuts.
    Please feel free to join, and if you really want to make my day, you can visit my blog too!
    Thanks for the blogs
    Anne, Scotland

  2. I am now utterly terrified to make a grammar mistake…

    Just kidding, I totally see where you're coming from. Although I stay quiet when I notice grammar mistakes. No matter how nicely I say it, I always come off as pretentious when I speak up. Happy hunting!

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