Computer’s, Laptop’s, and Printer’s at Wal-Mart

Miranda writes:

Attached are some delightful examples from a new Wal Mart store in Grand Junction, Colorado. My favorite part is that the use of apostrophes apparently only applies to electronic items… “Sheets” and “Comforters” right across the isle were correct. Whatever.

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9 thoughts on “Computer’s, Laptop’s, and Printer’s at Wal-Mart

  1. Whow! How could a supposedly professional sign maker make such dumb mistakes? Plus, doesn't Walmart* (F.K.A. Wal*Mart) use a uniform sign making process across the nation (or even the world)? So why wouldn't the signs be the same everywhere?

    They didn't just make the apostrophe mistake, either. They errantly set up a redundancy/exclusion type of situation by listing "laptops and computers" as separate things, as if "laptops aren't computers."

    Someone has got to contact them about these needed corrections IMMEDIATELY!

  2. They have isles in Walmart?

    I didn't even know they had any bodies of water! Don't you need a body of water in which to place an isle?

  3. I have to get a pic, but there's an aisle sign at a Rite Aid in Bellevue, WA that says 'Deoderant'. Seriously? No one caught this?

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