Blog Post: Nacho’s in St. Louis

Matt forwarded this blog post he wrote about the omnipresent “Nacho’s” found at St. Louis sports venues:

At this particular pit stop, we became overly amused with the spelling of “Nacho’s” on the concession stand price sign.

Nacho’s….with a possessive apostrophe. Interesting, to say the least.

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4 thoughts on “Blog Post: Nacho’s in St. Louis

  1. What's interesting is that, while it's still completely wrong, there's at least a not-completely-insane argument in favour.

    Nachos are named for their creator, Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya. Eponymous creations are sometimes presented as possessives; for example, if Bob invents a barbecue sauce, it might be referred to as "Bob's", the implied name being "Bob's (Barbecue Sauce)".

    One might make the argument that the foodtuff in question is "Nacho's (Mexican Appetizer)", colloquially called "Nacho's", with a more or less straight face. It's hogwash, but it's at least reasonably plausible hogwash.

  2. i get it… the nacho is $6.75. and also, the nacho is supreme, which i guess you're meant to assume that the number next to it is its price. these are some bad mammajamma chips… really big…

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