3 thoughts on “Up-Do’s in Hollister, CA

  1. i just discovered your blog. and here i thought i was the only one slowly going bonkers (or is that bonker's?) from the frightening proliferation of grammatical idiocy.
    my favourite was a sign showing the isle where a large grocery chain had "cup's and plate's." i made a point of looking away every time i shopped there because it made me nauseous.

  2. i read on wikipedia that the apostrophe can be used to pluralise words that would look unusual without one…

    "Finally, a few sources accept its use in an alternative spelling of the plurals of a very few short words, such as do, ex, yes, no, which become do's, ex's, etc.[41] In each case, dos, exes, yeses (or yesses) and noes would be preferred by most authorities. Nevertheless, many writers are still inclined to use such an apostrophe when the word is thought to look awkward or unusual without one"

  3. Although I consider myself a total grammar pedant, I don't have a huge problem with "up-do's", ( possibly because I have no idea what an up-do actually is ).

    as Christopher says, certain short words, particularly those ending in a vowel, actually benefit from the apostrophe, the absence of such makes the plural look peculiar.

    In the same vein, I don't have a problem with signs offering CD's for sale.

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