Star’s & Men’s

Grant writes:

This blackboard, in a huge shopping mall in Auckland, New Zealand, displays a plethora of felonies against the English language. I wonder why it’s necessary to use a lower-case s for the plurals in STAR’s and MEN’s, but not in WOMENS or SHOES. And it appears that somebody has tried, unsuccessfully, to obliterate the apostrophe in MEN’s.

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3 thoughts on “Star’s & Men’s

  1. Seems to me "MEN's" and "WOMENS" are actually posessive, and should have the apostrophe. So, one extra apostrophe, one correct one (with odd mixed case), one missing one, and one word (SHOES) correctly not having one.

  2. i agree…

    this is the ambiguous case i can never work out, it's really a matter of opinion

    It's like mens toilets…

    Men is already plural so the only other reason the s could be there is for the possessive!

    But, it could be seen as an adjective i heard?

  3. Agree with first post, should be men's and women's, so the first apostrophe was correct, the second one is missing.

    Same as a sign I say just yesterday saying "mens and womens clothes for sale". The correct form should have been "men's and women's clothes for sale" since it's possessive.

    It becomes easier to read and understand if we replace men's and women's with names…

    Jamie's and Annah's clothes for sale.

    Same with Jamie's toilet.

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