Meter’s Takes Quarter’s Only

Laurel writes:

This is in a parking lot in Cincinnati. As my brother pointed out, only 4 words on the sign and 3 of them are wrong.

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6 thoughts on “Meter’s Takes Quarter’s Only

  1. Actually, the correct word is only, which doesn't end in an S.
    Meter's is supposed to be meters, which is plural. So takes is conjugated incorrectly.

  2. Jamie made an unfunny joke as 3 of the 4 words end in 'S', he/she hoped to hihglight this in an amusing way

    Melanie on the otherhand has no sense of humour and a need to be correct. Thank you for your observations about the nature of the word 'metre' (british spelling)

    Drake is an idiot

  3. If you acknowledge that the joke wasn't funny, why does my lack of appreciation for it mean I have no sense of humor?

  4. Yay! A thread for pedants. Can I play?
    'metre' is only the British spelling for the unit of measurement. 'Meter' as in 'parking meter' would still be spelt as shown on the sign.

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