Bobs’s Plubing – 15 Years Experiance

Marc spotted this awesome sign in a deli window:

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8 thoughts on “Bobs’s Plubing – 15 Years Experiance

  1. Wait – if the guy's last name is "Bobs," then it's totally legit. (Because, you know, s-apostrophe-s is the appropriate form when the finishing "s" is not from pluralization.) He doesn't stick an apostrophe into Toilets, Sinks, etc… so there's a chance. Now, Plubing and the quotation marks, on the other hand…

    Hey, that's a great band name! Plu Bing and the Quotation Marks.

  2. That's why Bob is a plumber: He was obviously distraught that he couldn't earn his degree in English. Since that was his lifelong dream, the failure caused him so much self-hatred that he decided he was only good for the dirtiest career he could think of.

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