Crosspost: OlD people think adult’s assume kid’s know

William spotted this graffiti on the Williamsburg bridge and featured it on his own site, lowercase L:

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5 thoughts on “Crosspost: OlD people think adult’s assume kid’s know

  1. Well, you could say it with periods, but i think it reads as is. That being: a conclusion old people draw about adult's (most likely parents) opinion of their childrens' certitude.

  2. toep, the problem is that when you put the apostrophe in like that it changes the meaning of the word. Adults means grownups as a group, adult's mean that the adults own something – can adults own assume? No, that's not possible. That means that you're not supposed to put an apostrophe there. Do kids own know? Of course not, that doesn't make any sense. You would say that kids know. The correct way to say it would be that
    old people think,
    adults assume,
    kids know.

  3. it's graffiti. either the artist is being artsy or he/she is being what graffiti artists usually are: ignorant.

  4. I wasn't reading it as three separate statements. I took it to mean that old people are thinking that adults are assuming that kids know.

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