Bitchin’ Camaro’s

Tanshanomi spotted this at an Avis rental counter in Richmond, VA and writes:

Ask the agent for details, just don’t ask him/her for grammar advice!

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4 thoughts on “Bitchin’ Camaro’s

  1. I'm probably being way too generous here, but whenever I see an apostrophe before a plural s at the end of a trademark, I wonder if it's a deliberate effort to keep the trademark separate, and therefor pristine/uncorrupted.

    For example, consider Fords vs Ford's. To my eye, Fords treats the word like an ordinary noun, but Ford's maintains the purity of the trademark.

    I'm not saying it's correct; just speculating about the motivation. But yeah, in 99% of the cases it's probably just pure ignorance.

  2. I doubt it's a trademark thing. I think that many people just get freaked out by words that end in a vowel. Many people think that "Camaros" would look as if it would pronounced "kama-raas" rather than "ka-mare-ohs." And they are probably unsure if the plural should be "Camaros" or "Camaroes"

    Same thing with words that end with a "c." I have a friend that constantly apostrophizes "graphics," even though he knows better, because the "cs" just looks subconsciously to him as if they don't belong together.

  3. while i agree that english is too-oft bent for the sake of marketing(see till), were Anon's suggestion that a lapse in grammar is a purposeful effort to maintain the integrity of the brand, the dealership could have slapped a Camaro logo up there and the ad would be 10x more effective.

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