Thoma’s English Muffins

Stephen writes:

I don’t know who this Thoma person is, but I’m pretty sure these weren’t just some sort of dollar store knock-off…

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5 thoughts on “Thoma’s English Muffins

  1. Sorry y’all – this one is correct. The company was named by the Thomas family, therefore it would be Thomas’.

  2. From Anonymous 1 to Anonymous 2:

    Oh wow! I totally missed that. I stand corrected, they are indeed idiots. Put me in that pile too now….

  3. Actually, both are incorrect. It is a long-standing misconception that the singular possessive of noun ending in “s” is ” s’ “. Actually, this apparently WAS the rule a while go, but since then the Modern Language Association (every English teacher knows it) has deemed this incorrect. The possessive of a single Thomas would be, awkward as it appears, Thomas’s. The exception to this rule is mythical characters, such a Zeus’ or Jesus’.

    So the only way that “Thomas'” would be correct is if it were possessed by multiple “Thoma”s.

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