Mr. Sundae opened this place by the lake

Dana is confused…

I snapped this picture on our local lake. So, I’m confused. Does this mean someone named Sundae is by the lake? Or that ice cream sundaes are by the lake and if that’s the case it should be named “Sundaes are by the Lake?” Or is it possible they were trying to make a pun on “Sundays by the lake” except they humorously changed Sunday to Sundae?

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2 thoughts on “Mr. Sundae opened this place by the lake

  1. this would be correct if the dude’s name that started this business was actually named “sundae.”

    other than that, i’m absolutely in love with this site.

    (totally kidding.)


  2. It must be a small town Southern thing because while walking through the mall this past weekend I saw a sign over an eating place that served “sundae’s”. Pictures are forthcoming!

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