Customer review referencing apostrophe neglect removed

Chris M sent in the following link and screenshot of a review that has since been removed:


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2 thoughts on “Customer review referencing apostrophe neglect removed

  1. I see this one all over the place online. “Its” is probably THE most misused.

    “Alot” is another one, although that’s not an apostrophe issue…

  2. Don’t know what store that’s from, but Old Navy has been selling Hallowe’en (not “Halloween”!) pajamas with that same phrase (with the correct apostrophe usage!) for a couple of months now.

    BTW, love this blog, but I get SO UNCOMFORTABLE reading about apostrophe abuse, I start twitching and muttering under my breath. Just like when I saw the sign for “New Condo’s” on a building near my house. (SHUDDER!!!)

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