Teacher Apostrophe Abuse

Tara writes:

This note was posted in the workroom at my daughter’s school for the parent who was coming in to help out. It’s bad enough that the third grade teacher can’t use an apostrophe correctly, but you’d think she could at least get it right in her own name.

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5 thoughts on “Teacher Apostrophe Abuse

  1. Shocking! I remember a teacher once correcting me for having written “the cat used its paw to catch the mouse”. I tried to explain that I thought this case was the exception to the rule. She said that she knew there was an exception to the rule, but could not remember what it was. I was then obliged to write “it’s” in my corrections as part of my homework (grrrrr…)

  2. My daughter’s fifth grade teacher wrote a comment on the top of her grade “A” grammar assignment, “You was a big disappointment on Friday.” I signed it, acknowledging receipt and asked, “Shouldn’t that be were?” She was so offended. Told me I was insulting her dialect! I saved that paper for years.

  3. Then again, Mrs. Jone and Marilyn Jones might be two different people, and Mrs. Jones wanted the pal of Mrs. Jone to pick something up!

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