Do-not used these door’s. Thank’s.

Aaron writes:

This sign was taped to the door of the old Saline Township High School in Irondale, Jefferson County, Ohio. The building is now used for village offices.

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4 thoughts on “Do-not used these door’s. Thank’s.

  1. i think the fact that “do not” is hyphenated is way funnier than the two apostrophe problems and the confusingly past tense “used.”

  2. I am confused by the word spelled “T-H-E-S-E,” which appears in the sign. It seems to be missing hyphenation, quotation marks, or an apostrophe. Please assist. Meaning unclear.

  3. So whoever you are Aaron, you’re amazing for posting this. I grew up in Steubenville and I am amazed at how often I have seen apostrophe misuse.

    I live and work in Iowa now and honestly do not see it as often.

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